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Holley's MoParty Takes Over Bowling Green September 18-20th

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
What's that sound ! You're hearing hundreds of Mopar powered vehicles getting ready to invade Beech Bend Raceway this fall. That's right, Holley's MoParty will be taking place this September 18-20, 2020 and features tons of events tailored for Mopar enthusiasts including autocross, 3S Challenge, drag racing and more! Other events like a dyno challenge, burnout competition, and show-n-shine will take place, making this one of the wildest Mopar parties ever held. Drag Racing: This is where some of the quickest and fastest cars in the country can be found side-by-side competition on 1320 feet of asphalt. Experience the ground pounding action from popular drag racing classes that's sure to have spectators on the edge of their seats! Mopar's both new and old will have the opportunity to battle it out on the historic Beech Bend Raceway for trophies and prizes. Remember, there ain't no party like a Holley MoParty! Click the link at the bottom of the page to see the available classes and register for your chance to get in the on fun. Holley MoParty Grand Champion:

Who will be Holley's MoParty Grand Champion The driver or participant that can do the best all-around job in multiple events! Bring a car that can go fast, stop fast, and hang on in the corners! See the official rules then show up and drive! REGISTRATION FOR AUTOCROSS & GRAND CHAMPION LIMITED TO FIRST 125 VEHICLES

Autocross Do you think your ride handles pretty well Then put it to the test on the MoParty autocross! The autocross is a low-speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration, and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. The autocross package includes access to both the Beech Bend autocross course and 3S Challenge course (Sunday), dyno challenge, countryside cruise, & show-n-shine. You're guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of the three-day event. REGISTRATION LIMITED TO FIRST 125 VEHICLE 3S Challenge The 3S Challenge at MoParty stands for Speed, Stop, and Steering, and participants better be proficient at all three if they hope to be competitive in this event segment. The format will be a side-by-side low speed down and back course layout that features a 180-degree turnaround, slalom, and a stop box. Each run will be a total of the driver's left side course time added to their right side course time, plus any accumulated penalties. The winner is determined by the fastest combined left side and right side run. All runs must be clean any contact with course markers, cones or stop box cones will result in a DNF. REGISTRATION LIMITED TO FIRST 225 VEHICLES Dyno Challenge Holley Performance is all about proving the performance of a vehicle and that includes knowing what kind of numbers you're laying down. That's why you can bring your Mopar powered ride out to MoParty this year and slap it on the dyno. Any registered participant can have their vehicle measured for power and torque by visiting the Redline Motorsports dyno area and signing up on the whiteboard. Sign up is first come, first serve so the sooner you sign-up the earlier your opportunity to jump on the chassis dyno. First, second, and third place awards will be given to those who lay down the highest numbers in both power adder and non-power adder categories. Big numbers are cool, so it will be interesting to see how that power translates into performance in the other aspects of Moparty!
Place Power Adder Class Non-Power Adder Class
1st $400 Holley product certificate $400 Holley product certificate
2nd $200 Holley product certificate $200 Holley product certificate
3rd $100 Holley product certificate $100 Holley product certificate

Gen III Hemi Engine Swap Seminars

That thing gotta Hemi in it ! One of the most commonly asked questions in the motoring community will be answered definitively at Holley's inaugural MoParty. That's right, MoParty is getting even more radical, as the Holley engineering team will be conducting Gen III Hemi swap seminars through the MoParty weekend to share our latest swap solutions for select Mopar applications with participants and spectators alike. The idea of swapping a Gen III Hemi engine into a vehicle can be a daunting task, but Holley's engineers have gone through the headache so you don't have to. Holley's complete swap systems make swapping in a Gen III Hemi a bolt-in affair as our engine mount brackets, transmission crossmembers, headers and exhaust systems all work together to bring your Mopar dream to life! The Holley engineering team will showcase just how simple their components are to use, from the Hooker BlackHeart swap system all the way down to the self-learning Terminator X EFI system used to make it run! And don't worry, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have during our seminars. While you've got Gen III Hemis on the brain, check out Holley's current lineup of Gen III Hemi Swap systems here! General Lee Launch Holley is out to set the bar on the inaugural Holley MoParty, and the event wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a Dodge Charger flying through the air! That's right, stunt driver James Smith will be attending MoParty all the way from Appleton, WA, to jump a General Lee smack dab in the middle of Beech Bend's oval track! Who knows, if the crowd response is positive enough he may even send her up on two wheels for a bit. He should have time to do a couple of jumps during Moparty before Boss Hog and Sheriff Roscoe catch up (they always seem to be lagging behind)! Show and Shine MoParty wouldn't be the same without a car show to show off all those psychedelic Mopar colors! If you've spent countless hours wrenching on your Mopar, doing paint & body, polishing, and waxing to make it perfect, Holley wants to see it make an appearance at this inaugural event! The Show-N-Shine will be a fun, relaxed way to show off your beautiful ride. While the judges are experienced and will be looking for great cars, the Holley MoParty Show-N-Shine will be relaxing and stress-free. Also, the Holley crew will also be onsite choosing their favorites they want to see what you're building! Click the link at the bottom of the page for more information on all of the classes. Burnout Contest There ain't no party, like a Holley MoParty! What automotive party would be complete without a burnout competition On Saturday of the event, we will shut down the circle track at Beech Bend Raceway and let Mopar owners show the fans what they've got. This aussie style contest allows drivers to let it all hang out, winner will be chosen by crowd decision! Any participant registered for any event is eligible to apply. Limited spaces are available so you must let us know you are interested before the event or at the Holley trailer during the event. If you're interested in participating in making clouds at MoParty, please send Holley an email at [email protected] and let them know what you got! Countryside Cruise The relaxing nature of the countryside cruise will offer a welcome break from the competition on the track at MoParty and grants all competitors an opportunity to socialize and take in the beautiful winding back roads of Kentucky. The cruise also allows competitors to include the entire family in the event and show off the highway manners of their ride. A digital scavenger hunt will offer a competitive side to the countryside cruise for many participants. The digital scavenger hunt consists of a map and a list of check off items that drivers must photograph as the driver and the driver's ride-along photographer traverse the pre-planned route. Holley is keeping the list of scavenger hunt items reasonable in order to make it easier to participate and be more fun for participants. Participants that find all of the items and have the pictures to prove it will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 product certificate. Mullet Contest Business in the front, MoParty in the back! Let yer mullet fly this September at MoParty! Holley wants to see the gnarliest Kentucky waterfall you have to offer and will be giving away prizes to the best Mississippi mud flap they can find. Prizes given for:
  • Best Fake Mullet
  • Best Real Mullet
  • Trashiest Mullet
  • and more!
Mopar Collector's Guide Editor Rob Wolf will be helping us judge the best mullets over the weekend. He's had one for decades and despite the party out back not being as rowdy as it was in the 80s, he still wears it proudly today! Swap Meet Looking to score some Moparts for your project Mopar car or truck Look no further than the MoParty Swap Meet. It's the perfect place to search for parts if you're looking to save a little coin or source that hard-to-find part. If you're interested in cleaning out your garage full of parts, contact Shelia at FM3 Marketing at 855-346-1369, ext. 2. Sign Up Now Many classes are car limited, so be sure to register early. For more information, visit

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