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Holley Releases Hydramat Accessories

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Holley's Hydramat system has been a great way to eliminate fuel starvation issues in a variety of motorsports. To accommodate ever more applications, Holley has introduced new fuel pump adapters, as well as a new Hydramat with 6 lock pins to allow use of popular TI Automotive pumps. Hydramat adapters are 6160-T6 aluminum clamps that attach directly to the fuel pump body with no modifications. The design focus was to allow easy connection to a remote fuel pickup or HydraMat within a tank or fuel cell. The patent-pending design includes an o-ring to seal the fuel pump to the adapter. Four sizes are available to fit Holley's 255LPH, 340LPH, 450LPH or VR series pumps. Fuel pumps are not included. The latest Hydramat design is a shorter 8 version of Holley's popular 16-111 that connects to the TI 450LPH and other pumps utilizing the same attachment design. Two models are available with either a center outlet or offset end outlet to help when space is limited in a tank. The 6 lock pin positions allow users to index the Hydramat on the fuel pump for custom applications depending on fuel tank or fuel cell setup. It also allows for removal and repositioning without damage or loss of retention, an advantage over the "one use only" filter socks that are included with most pumps. For more information, visit or call 866-464-6553. (Content courtesy of Holley) [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="18346,18345"]

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