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Haltech Nexus R5 to go on sale in July

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Since coming to the US market, Haltech has always had the reputation of continually refining its products, and the company also continues to create new cutting edge products as well. The new Haltech NEXUS R5 is the company's flagship electronic fuel injection system that functions as an electronic control unit (ECU), a power distribution module (PDM), a wide-band controller, and a datalogger all in one system. All of these systems are interconnected through a single software application and a new high-speed, wi-fi communications module ensures easy programming changes and updates. Here are just a few of the NEXUS R5's features: 18 high current injector drivers 12 ignition drivers 12 8A outputs 4 25A outputs 2 knock controls 3 independent CAN bus systems Dual DBW control Wireless communication 150 channel, 1kHz logging with 512MB of logging space Dual channel O2 wideband controller capable of running LSU4.9 and NTK sensors Auto transmission control Even the software has been revamped to provide an easier to use, intuitive experience. While Haltech plans to continue supporting its existing Elite series of ECUs, the flagship NEXUS series goes on sale in July. For more information, visit

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