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Fueltech's New Ft600 Efi System

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Using the same technology that made the FT500 and FT500LITE systems so popular, FuelTech's new FT600 was developed as a top-of-the-line EFI system and is compatible with existing FT500 maps. The FT600 also uses FuelTech's FTManager software for ease of use, and incorporates all of the FT500's features as well as new ones such as a waterproof aluminum chassis, rubber mounts for anti-vibration fixation, an anti-glare flap, 10 color-configurable LED lights which can be used as a progressive shift light, 4 configurable side LEDs to use as status indicators or alerts, and an LCD touchscreen display. Designed as a full vehicle dashboard, the FT600 also includes a speedometer, fuel level display, RPM read out, and more. Incorporated connectors are sealed, stronger, and provide a total of 68 pins for twenty possible sensor inputs. The FT600 also uses a high-precision accelerometer and gyroscope to measure lateral G-forces, yaw, and pitch.

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