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Fuelab's New 868 Filters Round Out Its New PRO Series Line

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Fuelab has rounded out its new PRO Series line by introducing the 868 PRO Series filters. With a 10gpm rating, these filters offer huge flow capacity with very little pressure drop. First, we developed the 6.0gpm PRO Series spur gear pump, then we refreshed the 565 regulator to go with it, but we knew our existing filter offerings were not up to the task of handling the increased flow , said Fuelab sales rep, Josh Davis. We've all heard the clich sayings If it ain't broke, don't fix it! and Don't reinvent the wheel! , and that's exactly what we did when it came to the design of the 868 PRO Series filters. We decided to build on the success of the 818/828 filters, and simply scale them up. Just like the smaller 818/828 series filters, the 868 PRO Series filters feature male AN/37* flared fitting end caps, machined internal radii for minimal pressure drop, and machined hexes on the outside sleeve to aid in disassembly during filter element servicing. Like the rest of the PRO Series line, these filters will be machined billet aluminum and finished in matte black anodize. They are offered in -10AN or -12AN versions (staggered inlet/outlet configurations are available as well) with your choice of 100 micron stainless, 40 micron stainless, or 6 micron micro-fiberglass elements. As with the rest of the product line, the products use fluorosilicone and viton o-rings for cross-fuel compatibility. The PRO Series line of filters are available now. Suggested retail price is $212.45. For more information, please log on to or call 618-344-3300.

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