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FTI Performance Reintroduces the STX Series Converters

Posted By: Mike Galimi
FTI Performance has reintroduced its STX series converters. Manufactured in DeLand, Florida, the STX series is a racing-specific converter designed in-house. The STX series 9.5 racing converters are designed specifically for street and race turbo applications making 800-1500 rear wheel horsepower. They feature FTI's proprietary, in-house designed billet stator, which allows faster spooling and increased efficiency. Available as a weld-together and a bolt-together converter, the STX features in-house made CNC billet stator, triple Torrington bearings, anti-ballooning plate, hardened input splines, billet impeller hub and a forged billet steel cover. The series is also available in spragless and mechanical diode configurations, which allow bullet proof designs that work on and off the street. The converters are tailored for the fast street class racers. The STX series converters powered David Geisler Jr's 1999 Two-valve SN95 Mustang into the 7s earlier this year. In addition to Geisler, Blow By Racing's Jason Davis and Bret Stabler run this converter. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of FTI Performance)

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