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FTI Performance Introduces Gen 3 XPM Billet Bolt-Together Torque Converter Line

Posted By: Mike Galimi
FTI Performance has expanded its product line with the introduction of Gen 3 XPM billet bolt together torque converters. The line is revolutionary to the converter market as each piece is interchangeable to make it self-tunable. With multiple options for various components, FTI gives the customer the ability to change their converter to fit their personal combination. Each component of the FTI Gen 3 XPM torque converters are CNC-machined and interchangeable. Multiple options for the billet stators are available for roots blowers, screw blowers, nitrous, naturally aspirated Pro Charger and turbo combinations. The customer has a choice between spragless and sprag combinations. The billet front cover fits all flex plate combinations (bolt patterns) including HEMI. All turbines are available with all splines from Lenco, GM and Ford. With multiple pump angles available, all pumps are available with bolt on capability for the Lenco, GM and Ford. The torque converter fits up to 1 thick block plates without the need of changing covers. Another customizable option is the ability to change the 10 torque converter to a 9 unit and vice versa to adapt to the customer's combination. With each part balanced and sold separately, the customer has the ability to buy each piece one at a time like an engine build. As the first user-buildable torque converter from FTI performance, the FTI Gen 3 XPM torque converters provide the customer convenience and tunability. The industry needs technology that the end user can capitalize on without the help of a freight truck, said Greg Samuel, FTI Performance Chief Technical Officer. When they need it and how they need it. This converter allows interchangeability as well as tunability beyond any other converter available." With convenience, tunability and interchangeability, the FTI Gen 3 XPM torque converter is a good option for customers who have multiple vehicles or race in varying conditions. For more information, call 386-736-5816 or visit (Content courtesy of FTI Performance) [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

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