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Dyno Strap Heat Guard

Posted By: Steve Baur
Prevent damage and burn-through of critical dynamometers tie-downs with DEI’s Dyno Strap Heat Guard (#10466).
Developed to add a protective layer to dyno straps that run close to exhaust exits or other hot areas of an operating vehicle, the protective sheaths are made of a high-temperature-resistant aluminized material to withstand 500°F direct heat and 2000°F of radiant heat.

“It started with a frantic call from a local tuner shop, asking if we offered a protective heat sleeve for dynamometer tie-down straps,” said Mike Buca, DEI Product Manager. “It seems this tuner nearly launched a car while on the dyno because the exhaust heat exiting the tailpipe actually burned through an already weakened area on the strap.”
Dyno Strap Heat Guard protects against such scenarios by easily slipping on over standard tie-downs, allowing them to be positioned near exhaust pipe exits. The sheaths measure 5"-wide-by-36"-long and include an attractive silver finish.
For more information about Dyno Strap Heat Guard and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

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