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Dyna-Batt Battery by Performance Distributors Receives Upgrades

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The Dyna-Batt battery by Performance Distributors has been improved with the addition of brass terminal posts, which are more corrosion- resistant. Users can lighten up their muscle cars and race cars by removing the 40 pound battery and replacing it with the 13.5-pound Dyna-Batt. It produces a lot of power per pound, and has the cranking power of wet cell batteries three times its size. This is due to the extremely low internal resistance, which allows faster and more consistent starting. The Dyna-Batt does not have a cold cranking amp rating like other batteries, but has been tested to crank engines with compression ratios as high as 15:1. The Dyna-Batt is completely dry cell and can withstand the rigors of high performance and racing environments. The Dyna Batt has an excellent storage life and recharges very quickly. For more information, call 901-396-5782 or visit (Content courtesy of Performance Distributors)

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