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Driven Hot Rod Oil Designed Specifically for Classic and Muscle Cars

Posted By: Mike Galimi

Driven Hot Rod Oil is developed specifically for classic and muscle cars (non-daily drivers) to protect against internal engine corrosion, rust and oxidation. Containing a blend of anticorrosion additives along with a generous supply of ZDDP (Zinc and Phosphorus), Driven Hot Rod Oil is designed to protect entire engines and valve trains. Driven Hot Rod oil provides unmatched anti-wear properties, even during extended periods of storage.

Modern engine designs and oils have done a great job of reducing emissions and protecting emissions control equipment. However, modern oils can wreak havoc on older engines. The reduction in emissions in today's cars has coincided with a reduction in traditional anti-wear additives in current oils. When drivers put the pedal to the floor, Driven Hot Rod Oil better protects engines, extending their lives. Driven Hot Rod Oil fights corrosive wear and rust, and protects engines from excessive cold dry start wear. No other oil provides this level of protection in the garage, at start-up and on the road. Driven Racing Oil offers a complete selection of high performance lubricants including engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluids and engine break in oils for racing, daily and non-daily use. For more information, visit or call 866-611-1820. (Content courtesy of Driven Racing Oil)

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