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Dart Releases New NMCA Pro Stock 10 LS Head

Posted By: Mary Lendzion
Dart Race Series LS 10 368cc CNC Oval Port Cylinder Head No other areas of racing engine development hold as much potential for increased performance as the cylinder head and its related components. Dart continues its revolutionary approach to perfection and power in this area by the recent release of their all new NMCA Pro Stock cylinder head. We encourage all engine enthusiasts to come see our new head at the upcoming 2016 PRI show December 8th through the 10th at Darts display booth # 2211. Race Series LS 10 368cc CNC Features: RMR cast aluminum alloy High flowing 368cc CNC oval ports 10 x 4 canted valves with reverse intake and exhaust location Machined with 2.300 x 1.600 valve job Copper valve seat material 6 bolt per cylinder capability Dual exhaust bolt pattern Optional 38cc 57cc CNC combustion chamber Part Number: 11081050 - Bare Head 2.300 x 1.600 Valve Job Call Dart Machinery for custom assemblies. Call our technical sales team today for more information and a dealer near you at 248-362-1188. Visit and follow Dart Machinery on Facebook for all the latest product news.

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