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Dart Debuts Re-engineered Iron Eagle Small-Block Ford Cylinder Blocks

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Dart's small-block Ford Iron Eagle blocks are designed to work with the stock components, but are now much more than a stock replacement. The new Dart SBF block has been designed from the ground up for hardcore racing. These new blocks are cast from premium high strength iron with extra thick cylinder walls and decks. The main webs are beefed up and fitted with steel 4-bolt main caps. All the racing technology you have come to appreciate from Dart with new features below:
  • New 6 head bolt pattern on all Iron Eagle blocks for improved head gasket sealing under extreme conditions.
  • Material added behind lifter bank to accommodate aggressive lifter angles.
  • Enlarged lifter bosses to accommodate offset and oversize lifters.
  • New center lifter oil cross over for improved lifter oiling.
The new Dart blocks will be available in 8.200-inch and 9.500-inch decks with bore sizes ranging from 4-inch to 4.125-inch with max bores of 4.185-inch. Ford Pro blocks will have the same upgraded features in the past along with all new features as well. For more information, contact Dart at or call them at (248) 362-1188.

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