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Corda to Climb Into 1962 Dodge for Competition

Posted By: Mary Lendzion
By Mary Lendzion
Photos courtesy of Kurt Anderson
Nearly thirty years have passed since Al Corda purchased his first 1962 Dodge.
It was powered by a 413 cubic-inch Max Wedge Dodge engine, and he cruised it around the streets of his home in Wisconsin. His friend and fellow racer, Russ Berens, wheeled the car in competition a couple of times, and while Corda eventually sold it, he has not forgotten about it, even though he purchased several more 1962 Dodges through the years.
Corda’s passion for that particular car prompted him to purchase another 1962 Dodge as a roller from Tom Hoffman last June.
“I think the 1962 Dodge is unique, and I love the lines on the car,” said Corda. “This is a dream car for me, and it’s the fifth one I have owned in the last ten years. I’d be surprised if anyone else in this country could say that.”
Corda sold as a roller the black 1969 Dart he had been racing in NMCA Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock, and will introduce his latest 1962 Dodge to the same category. He’ll continue to race his red 2015 Camaro in NMCA LME Street King, and may enter it in NMCA Stock Eliminator as well.
“I’ll use the engine from the Dart for the 1962 Dodge,” said Corda, who was dialed in for the 9.75 index in the 1969 Dart and will dial in for the 10.00 index in the heavier 1962 Dodge. “It’s a 440 four-barrel Dodge engine by Wheeler Engines in Minnesota with Edelbrock heads and intake, but later this summer, I’ll swap it with a new 413 cubic-inch Dodge engine with two four-barrel inline carburetors that Wheeler Engines is building with new Edelbrock heads and an Indy intake. I’ll continue to use the Torque Flite transmission by ProTrans in the 1962 Dodge.”

To prepare the car, Corda turned it over to reigning NMCA LME Street King champion Kurt Anderson of Autokraft Racecars and Restorations in Wisconsin, for some work. Anderson fabricated a 4130 chrome moly roll bar for the car, installed the engine and transmission, as well as Calvert springs, Calvert shocks in the back, Afco shocks in the front and Strange brakes. Anderson also installed wheelie bars, a splash pan and an Aeromotive fuel system on the car rolling with a new set of Billet Specialties wheels wrapped with new Hoosier tires.
“I had some parts help from Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, and I would really like to thank Kurt Anderson, who is absolutely one in a million and has an impressive shop,” said Corda. “I would also like to thank Doug Duell, Tom Hoffman, Russ Berens, Les Lienerth and Nicky Fowler of Scoggin Dickey Parts Center.”
Corda plans to debut his 1962 Dodge in a few months, and will race his 2015 Camaro, which has an LS3 engine and averages 10.00 elapsed-times, in LME Street King or Stock Eliminator at the NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem presented by Holbrook Racing Engines, March 17-20 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. 
“I’m excited about the new car, and about continuing to race the Camaro, which has treated me well,” said Corda. “It should be a good season.”

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