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Classics Set In Bronze Race Star Wheels Launches New Finish For Popular Wheels

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
  Race Star Wheels will now offer its popular 32 Mirage, 92 Drag Star Bracket Racer and 95 Recluse wheels in bronze starting this June. We received really great feedback on the new bronze finish and I'm excited to see them on more cars in the very near future, said Race Star owner L.B. Davis.

Race Star Wheels are designed for performance street and drag strip use. All Race Star wheels include a lifetime structural warranty. Below is the list of wheels that will be in-stock while more available sizes can be viewed at

32 Mirage Wheels
This wheel design is inspired by the El Mirage Salt Flat racing and has a timeless design. The 17x8 (5x4.75 bolt circle) wheel in bronze will be the first size available.

92 Drag Star Bracket Racer Wheels
One of the most popular wheels from Race Star, the 92 Drag Star features a lightweight 5-spoke design, large brake clearance for early and late model cars and a bolt-on center cap.

          The following sizes in Bronze will be available:
Size Bolt Circle
15x3.75* 5x4.50, 5x4.75
15x8 5x4.50, 5x4.75
15x10 5x4.50, 5x4.75
17x4.5* 5x4.50, 5x120, 5x115
17x17 5x4.50, 5x120
17x9.5 5x4.50, 5x120, 5x4.75, 5x115
17x10.5 5x4.50, 5x120
18x5* 5x4.50, 5x120, 5x115
*Not for Street Use.

92 Recluse Wheels
This wheel is designed to provide large brake clearance for all late model hot rods including the Dodge Hellcat and C7 Corvette.

The following sizes in Bronze will be available:
Size Bolt Circle
15x10 5x4.50, 5x4.75
17x4.5* 5x4.50, 5x120
17x10.5 5x4.50, 5x120, 5x115
18x5* 5x115
*Not for Street Use.

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