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Mishimoto Intercooler—Custom Cool For Building Boost

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Mishimoto Intercooler—Custom Cool For Building Boost
Building a performance vehicle for the street or track is always a balance between opposing needs. Form vs function. Power vs weight. Strength vs lightness. Most of the time, one of those needs is more important to the build, so the other is sacrificed. But now Mishimoto is offering a new product to help with your boosted build.
What you see here is Mishimoto’s exclusive carbon fiber intercooler that lets you have it all: aesthetics, performance, strength and lightness, all rolled into one innovative package.
Mishimoto recently revealed the culmination of years of hard work and a product that is the first of its kind – something many people said would be impossible to create: a completely customizable Carbon Fiber Intercooler with over 280 configuration options!
This universal Carbon Fiber Intercooler comes in three different core sizes and is offered in a Silver, Black or Gold finish. Our end tanks are formed from solid 3K twill-woven prepreg carbon fiber and are offered in both Matte and Gloss finish options. To make this an even more unique product for our customers, we are offering our one-of-a-kind V-band locking core clamps in eight different colors, including: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Silver, Gold, Purple, Blue, and Red.
Packed with universal M8 mounting bosses on either side of the core and 3-inch inlets optimized for flow, this intercooler is built to handle up to 950 horsepower and 30 PSI of boost.
Each Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Intercooler is hand-built to order in the Wilmington, Deleware facility and they're backed by a Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of uncompromising performance.

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