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Champion Releases New Racing Full-Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Champion, a recognized leader in racing and specialty lubricants, has launched its Champion Full-Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid. Champion Racing Power Steering Fluid'reduces temperatures and delivers consistent steering response in competition applications. It has exceptional low temperature flow that reduces initial drag on the racing pump. Its robust formulation is a full-synthetic competition fluid that provides improved thermal stability for less pressure drop as temperatures rise. It also offers high temperature foam resistance for better cooling and improved steering precision. Champion Racing Power Steering Fluid is an essential part of keeping race cars at peak performance. A top tier power steering fluid like Champion's part #4370H ensures the hoses, pistons, valves and power steering pump work optimally and not start to deteriorate. Champion's Racing Power Steering Fluid is a hydraulic fluid used in the steering system to create a hydraulic link between the steering wheel and the front wheels. It decreases the amount of effort required to turn the wheels, plus this new product also lubricates the moving parts within the steering system. It also suppresses foaming and prevents corrosion in the power steering gear and steering pump. Champion's Racing Full-Synthetic Power Steering Fluid meets or exceeds all specification standards that are requirements for viscosity, detergents, additives, and other components of this type of fluid. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Champion)

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