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Breeden to Belt into Belvedere for Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock

Posted By: Mike Galimi
By Mary Lendzion Photos courtesy of Dennis Breeden For the past three years, Dennis Breeden has held his own in his 2010 Drag Pak Challenger in NMCA Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock Combo. He finished in third, second and third place respectively in 2017-2019 points in the car which is powered by a 6.1L Hemi and a 904 by CRT Racing Transmissions and runs mid-9s, and all the while, he has had his heart set on racing an additional car in an additional class. Some of his fellow racers were aware of that, including Joe Ewing and Doug Duell, who both compete in Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock Combo and Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock, and Ewing and Duell reached out to Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock racer Bob Willsher last summer to see if he would be interested in selling his 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. Bob wasn't 100 percent sure he wanted to sell the car, said Breeden. He had it for twenty years, but he hadn't raced it in a few years. So, I looked at a few other cars, and the weeks went by and he called me three weeks ago and told me to come and get it, which I was happy about because I really wanted that car. Breeden, who had already decided that he would race the car in Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock, made the trip from his home in Indiana to Willsher's home in Louisiana to pick it up. It's very clean and rust-free, said Breeden. Joe Teuton raced it in NHRA Super Stock before Bob Willsher raced it, so it's like it has been a race car since it was new. The car, which has a rollcage, roars with a Ray Barton-built 572 cubic-inch Hemi and a 727 Chrysler automatic transmission. My crew chief, Alan White, and I are going through everything now, said Breeden. We don't need to do much, but we're checking bearings and valve springs in the engine, and we're replacing the rear factory suspension with a CalTracs system and updating the shocks. I plan to run in Nostalgia Super Stock's 9.50 or 9.75 index. While Breeden plans to campaign both cars at NMCA races, he may only campaign one for the quickly-approaching NMCA season-opener, the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem, March 5-8, 2020 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. It will definitely be more work initially to run both cars at events, but they'll be running similar elapsed-times, and I think that will help me settle into it nicely, said Breeden.

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