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AutoRod Corporation Introduces All-New ARC-6001Z Flat Touch Systems.

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

AutoRod Corporation Introduces All-New ARC-6001Z Flat Touch Systems.

AutoRod’s new ARC-6001Z Flat Touch switch panel is designed with racers in mind with a host of features designed to work in any race car. These include a relay board with nine 40 Amp replaceable relays with fuse protection for Start, Oil Pressure, Controlled Ignion, Ignion, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Fan, Taillight, Auxiliary and one User Controlled Relay.

It also feature dual-function switches for Water Pump/Fan and Taillight/Interior Light. Plus, dedicated computer/data Logger circuit controlled by the ignition switch with a 6-second shutoff delay. There’s also automatic low oil pressure shutdown for ignition, built-in neutral safety circuit, built-in bump start circuit, interior lights built in to switch panel, output LED indicators on relay board outputs and there’s a backlit “Kill” Button for safety. Lastly, you’ll find two auxiliary fused power take offs and colored and labeled wires for every circuit.

As owner Rich Concato said, “In 2019, John Zizza and I started down a path of designing and building an all-new ARC Control Module Series. Initially, the plan was to keep it simple and offer it only for open cockpit cars. We knew our products were difficult for open cockpit cars because of the size, so goal number one was to make the switch panel small enough to work in a dragster or altered. 

“We slowly defined our goals for this series and upon doing so we went ‘all-in’ so to speak. We decided to pack this unit with features that racers want and need. Being a racer myself, I knew immediately we were onto something. Last December, we brought the 6001Z prototype to PRI and it was a hit, but the unit was far from complete. At that time, we didn’t even have a finished switch panel and the relay board was nonexistent. We did however prove that this was something racers were looking for, which in-turn allowed us to move forward. Unfortunately, upon arriving home from PRI, John Zizza was in the hospital and two weeks later John passed away,” Rich explained.

While John and I had talked about me taking over at ARC, I never dreamed it would be in May of 2022. Low and behold on May 1, 2022, I took over as President of AutoRod Controls, which became AutoRod Corporation. With so many things going on, I knew it would be easy to let the 6001 project fade, so we immediately started on it. Since May we have seen this system go from a rough idea to a completed project!” For more information on the ARC-6001Z and more products, check out

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