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AutoMeter FiTech CAN Gauges Are a Plug and Play Instrumentation Solution

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The new AutoMeter FiTech CAN Gauges (model numbers 880828, 880829 and 880890) are a plug and play instrumentation solution for drivers utilizing FiTech's electronic fuel injection and transmission controller systems. Monitor the speedometer, tachometer or water temperature, quickly and conveniently by utilizing the existing FiTech sensors already setup on the vehicle. The FiTech CAN Gauges feature through-the-dial white LED lighting with a lit pointer and match all existing AutoMeter Sport-Comp II gauges for seamless integration of non-CAN instruments to complete an entire dash. There is no need to run redundant sensors or gauge programming as everything is ready to go right out of the box to hookup to an existing FiTech systems. For more information, call 866-248-6356 or visit (Content courtesy of AutoMeter)

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