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Al Corda to Debut Tribute COPO Camaro Clone at NMRA/NMCA Race for the Rings

Posted By: Mary Lendzion
Written by Mary Lendzion
Photos courtesy of Al Corda
When Al Corda’s COPO Camaro was totaled in a multi-vehicle accident while he was pulling it in his trailer in 2023, his friend and fellow racer Kurt Anderson of Autokraft Racecars and Restorations stepped up to help him build a COPO Camaro clone.
Anderson, with help from his stepson, Parker Lund, fabricated a rollcage for the 2015 model car, and installed the rear end, suspension and brakes. They also installed an LS3 engine by Wheeler Engines, fuel system and Turbo 350 by ProTrans.
Anderson and Lund painted the car to be a rolling tribute to the popular 1964 Plymouth wagon Corda campaigned in the 1970s and 1980s and drove to the NHRA Stock Eliminator winner’s circle at the U.S. Nationals in Indiana in 1971 and the NHRA Stock Eliminator world championship in 1986.

Corda, who was holding his own in NMCA Micro Strategies Stock, Micro Strategies Super Stock, LME Street King and Proform Rumble the past several years, plans to race his COPO Camaro clone in Micro Strategies Super Stock and Proform Rumble, and is aiming for consistent 10.0s.
He introduced the car to the racing surface for the first time at a test session on April 27, 2024 at Rock Falls Raceway in Wisconsin, a track he previously owned.
“We put four runs on the car, and each one was better than the previous due to computer tuning, and I was pretty happy with the results,” said Corda. “We chased down a sensor issue, and took the car back to Kurt’s shop on Monday for a rear end center section swap, which Kurt and Parker finished in the afternoon. In addition to Kurt and Parker, I want to thank Gary Nelson, Les Lienerth, Russ Berens, Bruce Lang, Mike Pulsteny and Scoggin Dickey Parts Center for all of the support.”
Corda is now headed to the 19th Annual NMRA/NMCA Race for the Rings & Saturday Thrill Festival, May 3-5 at World Wide Technology Raceway in Illinois, and his fans are in for a treat when he rolls his beautiful red, white and blue COPO Camaro clone out of his trailer.


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