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Accel Expands Super Coil Lineup

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Accel's Super Coils are designed to replace OE ignition coils with no modifications while delivering maximum performance, and the Super Coil lineup has been expanded. New offerings have been introduced for GM applications, as well as Honda, Toyota, Lexus and Subaru applications. The coils will install in the factory locations with no worries of tripping the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) or OBD error codes. Accel Super Coils feature advanced bobbin technology for maximum performance, highly-specialized silicon magnetic steel cores, optimized windings, proper resistance and engineered turn ratios. All of those help deliver a high performance, quality ignition coil. The specialized high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. They are direct high performance replacements for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) coils. For more information, call 866-464-6553 or visit (Content courtesy of Accel/Holley)

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