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A Look at the New Gen III Performance Hemi Block

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
How do you become the fastest Gen III Hemi in the world By breaking stuff. That is exactly what lead to the Gen III Performance aluminum Hemi race block. We were racing Rob Goss Challenger and split the aluminum block, so we built another one and killed that right away within 10 passes. After the first one, we started looking for a better solution, says Gen III Performance co-owner Bruce Maichle. Customer Rob Goss currently owns the record for the fastest Gen III Hemi thanks to its new block. Using the aluminum Mopar block prepped by High Horse Performance and BES, the Challenger went 6.92 at 203 mph, and with the new block the Challenger has charged to a 6.85 at 204 mph in the quarter-mile, and 4.39 at 164 to the eighth. The future looks bright for this gear-driven F-1X combination that competes in X275, pushing 27 psi of air into a set of Thitek cylinder heads ported by BES. Read more about it >>here<<

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