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Posted By: Steve Baur
There is nothing quite like the thrill of cranking the throttle of a freshly installed carb and hearing the engine roar, an audible confirmation of a well-done performance upgrade. PROFORM Carburetors are known by their recognizable Race Series Purple anodized billet metering blocks and base plates, mimicked but not duplicated by the competition. Perhaps better known is the perfect balance of quality and price found in the hand assembled, factory-tuned, Race Series Carburetors that deliver performance out of the box!

Now the Next Gen. of Race-Series Carbs are here, making these popular carburetors even better! The entire 650-1050 CFM Race-Series line features complete redesigns of the main bodies, throttle base plates, metering blocks, and fuel bowls. Great performance, good looks and a nice price.  What else could you ask for?


High-Flow Carburetor Main Body 
The revolutionary PROFORM High-Flow Main Body is better than ever with newly contoured leading edges in the Venturi area to smooth inbound air for maximum velocity prior to mixing with fuel.  Other new features included machined 2-step down-leg booster for better fuel/air mixing, and the air bleeds are further recessed into the Venturi wall for less interference.

Billet Metering Blocks

Billet aluminum metering blocks in Race-Series Purple or New Black anodized finish, have a new fuel bowl side baffle that integrates with the fuel bowl float to reduce fuel slosh and improves fuel retention lost due to inertia when taking corners or hard acceleration/deceleration. Additionally, pre-drilled emulsion channels to control air transfer to the main well for ultimate fuel/air tunability is a standard PROFORM feature.

Throttle Baseplates
The fully adjustable, multi-port, throttle base plate is constructed of solid billet aluminum alloy, so it will not warp. Standard slabbed throttle shafts with thinned butterflies and low-profile screws, reduces air resistance into the intake. It will also mate better with the intake manifold flange due to an enlarged surface area that has more strength and rigidity than previous versions.  The primary and secondary throttle shafts are also compatible with different ratio linkages for increased tunability.

Center-Hung Aluminum Fuel Bowls
The all-aluminum fuel bowls, with sight glass windows and billet AN fittings for driver or passenger side fuel line connections, feature dual Nitrophyl floats. The new design reduces fuel turbulence with a lowered delivery ramp. More prominent internal fuel baffles control internal slosh by keeping fuel in the lowest area of the bowl during acceleration and cornering. Float adjustment requires only a screwdriver and 5/8-inch wrench. 

Lightweight Aluminum High-Flow Carburetor Main Body - NEW DESIGN
·       NEW Venturi Contoured Leading Edge:
Smoother Inbound Airflow
·       CNC-Machined Smooth Mating Surfaces
·       Easy-Change Air Bleeds for Precise Tuning
·       Two-Step Down Leg Boosters for optimized
air fuel mixing
Billet Aluminum Metering Blocks
·       Race-Series Purple or NEW Black Anodized Finish
·       NEW Additional Internal Baffling & Vent Whistle 
Tube: Fuel Control Better Fuel Retention
·       NEW Additional Pre-Drilled Emulsion Channels:
Adjust Fuel/Air Mix
Billet Aluminum Throttle Base Plate
·       NEW Slabbed Throttle Shafts with Low-Profile Screws
that Boost Combustion Efficiency 
·       Slip Link Mechanical Secondary Linkage
·       Power Valve Blowout Protection
·       Adjustable Secondary Air Flow Cam Bracket
·       Serviceable Throttle Levers

Aluminum Center-Hung Fuel Bowls - NEW DESIGN
·       1. NEW Increased Internal Baffling: Better Fuel Control
·       2. NEW Lower Fuel Ramp: Less Fuel Turbulence
·       NEW Dual Notched Nitrophyl Floats
·       Easy View Sight Glass Windows & Billet AN Fuel 
Line Fittings
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