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19th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Thursday Coverage

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The sun is shining and the engines are roaring at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida, as the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals season gets underway with the 19th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. Today the action is underway with test hits on the drag strip, which sets the stage for qualifying action tomorrow. It should be a great weekend of racing, so keep your eyes on this page for updates. Here's how the action unfolds on the first day of the 19th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

A cut in his tire's inner tube sidelined Dart NA 10.5 racer Rick Riccardi before he made a test pass, but fortunately it didn't happen while he was screaming down the track. The team is getting it repaired and will be back in action this weekend at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Randy Merick's new C3 Corvette Pro Mod was built by Larry JeffersRace Cars and features a Wyo Motorsports-built, Noonan Race Engineering billet engine with a PSISuperchargers'screw blower, backed by Ty-Drive. This event is the debut race for Merick's new ride, and he definitely seems like he has the right equipment and support to take the fight to the VP Racing Fuels Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod contingent here at the Whipple Superchargers NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines event at Bradenton Motorsports Park. It is a windy day at the 19th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines, which requires a lot of driver focus on the big end. Bryan Williams is keeping it straight while dialing in his LME Street King machine to run a 10 flat. In testing it ran a 9.97, so he was leaving the combo as it sits until tomorrow when cooler, drier air will mean starting from scratch on the tune-up.

MagnaFuel Open Comp regular Kevin White is dedicated to making his Nova race program better. His hand is still damaged from a 2013 motorcycle crash, so he set out to improve his reaction times by hiring a therapist and a trainer to improve his body's performance. He also built an arm stop into his race seat and upgraded to Impact Alpha gloves for improved feel. After working out and hitting the practice tree every day since December, he is feeling confident. White also upgraded to the latest Racepak datalogger and Crew Chief Pro software so he can hone his program based on the data.

Holbrook Racing Engines proprietor Chris Holbrook is debuting his new Edelbrock Xtreme Street Mustang this weekend, and beneath the hood is a beautiful Whipple-supercharged Coyote powerplant. Holbrook and Whipple are also putting the finishing touches on a Whipple-supercharged Xtreme Pro Mod machine that should see competition in the very near future. VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod driver and winner of the 2020 NMCA Commerce, Georgia, event Adam Flamholc is actually racing two events this weekend. Flamholc plans to qualify his Corvette here at Bradenton Motorsports Park tomorrow and then will jump in his pickup truck to tow his no-prep car up north to compete in an event on Saturday. He'll then return for Sunday's eliminations here. Sounds like a whole lot of driving both on and off-track, but Flamholc is as competitive as racers get. Anthony Bongiovanni can often be found competing in various Cobra Jet events, as well as the NMCA's Coan Stock/Super Stock Combo class. This weekend, he'll drive his Super Stock machine while he turns the keys to his Stock Eliminator Cobra Jet to Evan Smith this weekend to complete the two-car effort. Racers often make big changes in the off-season and Dart NA 10.5 racer Dwight Ausmus was one such individual. Chassis guru Steve Matukas cut out the ladder bar rear suspension that Ausmus has been refining since 1992 and replaced it with a modern 4-link setup and new carbon fiber wheel tubs for the vintage Pontiac Firebird, while Ausmus brother Aaron purchased a brand new set of RC Components wheels for the car and for Dwight's next 10 birthday and Christmas gifts! A new set of drop spindles completed the new stance, to which Ausmus grandson Berkley remarked, It looks like your car is stuck in the mud! We have TorqStorm True Street machines already here at the track on Thursday. We're looking forward to seeing what this turbocharged, early Mustang can do on track. Doug Duell normally competes with his very prominent 1964 Plymouth wagon in Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock and his Barracuda in the Coan Stock/Super Stock Combo, but his wagon is still back in Indiana, so he made some changes to the Barracuda to run it in NSS, and he'll be using his third car, this 1969 Barracuda which recently received a new 1970-spec 383ci engine for Stock/Super Stock competition. The champ returns! Glenn Pushis is a multi-time Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center champion, and returns to the class with a brand new CRC Camaro for 2021. Pushis, who is joined by his crew chief, Kathy, this weekend, collected several 10.07s and a 10.06 in testing, and hopes that a new RacePak data logger will provide him with some data to improve on those times. Having owned this 1970 Plymouth cuda for 40 years, Larry and Patsy Hill have made plenty of memories with it. After purchasing it as a wreck, Larry fixed it up and Patsy carted their then-young son around in it before eventually converting it into a Stock Eliminator machine. Originally a B5 Blue E-body, Hill's Mopar is now bathed in Moulin Rouge, which perhaps belies the powerful 383ci engine beneath the hood that has propelled the car to 9.70s in the quarter-mile. Hill will be mixing it up in the Coan Stock/Super Stock Combo this weekend.

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