Wilwood Disc Brakes Releases Lightweight Billet Reservoirs for Remote- or Direct-Mount Master Cylinders

Finned aluminum brake fluid reservoirs from Wilwood give firewalls a unique high-performance look. Machining ribs in the billet reduces weight, now 4.6 oz. – 3 oz. less than Wilwood’s standard billet reservoir, and increases surface area for passive cooling.

These durable reservoirs hold 4 oz. of fluid and can be mounted directly to Wilwood’s single or tandem remote master cylinders, or plumbed remotely with braided stainless flex lines, which are (sold separately. Choose from media burnished aluminum with matching cap or hard anodized gray with black nylon cap. Matching billet mounting brackets are also available.

For more information, visit http://www.wilwood.com

(Content courtesy of Wilwood)