NMCA Review Panel Decision – Chip King Appeal

(June 24 2021) – NMCA Review Panel Decision – Chip King Appeal

The appeal presented by Chip King to the NMCA on May 20, 2021, specifically asking for a review of the disqualification in the semifinal round of Xtreme Promod at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing event on May 16, 2021, has been reviewed by the NMCA Appeals Panel. The following decision has been handed down from the panel.

The disqualification of Chip King for crossing the center line in the Semi Final round was an incorrect decision by the Competition Staff of the NMCA. The Single Run rule (NMCA General Regulations page 13, Section 2.27, Paragraph 2) should have been applied. This rule states “During eliminations, any driver who has earned a “BYE” run through position (not an opponent’s breakage beyond the front of staging) may choose not to make a full pass, but must report to staging when the round is called, self-start when instructed, stage under the vehicle’s power, and take the tree under proper procedure. Once the tree has been activated, the driver is NOT required to make the run.”

Chip King will be reinstated to the Final Round based on the Single Run rule. The final round contested between Steve Summers and Chip King shall be run at the first or next available NMCA event. The next event being the NMRA/NMCA Power Festival event at US131 Motorsports Park in Martin Michigan.

This decision by the Appeals Panel is Final and not appealable.