The New Style—Classic looks with modern features comes together in Holley’s Sniper EFI Stealth

Written by Derek Putnam
Photography by the author and courtesy of Holley

Although manufacturers haven’t employed carburetors on production vehicles for over a quarter of a century, the simplicity and ease of tuning keeps carburetors popular amongst street and race enthusiasts. Electronic fuel injection presents a number of barriers for enthusiasts interested in switching over, not the least of which have been cost and tuning knowledge. Looking to change the game, Holley EFI has brought the costs down, has equipped its EFI systems with self-learning software programs, and even provides a vintage appearance to its EFI systems in the Holley Sniper product line. We followed the conversion from a Holley Dominator to a Holley Sniper EFI system on a high-horsepower, NMCA Torqstorm Superchargers True Street machine to bring you the details of the installation, as well as the interesting opinion of the subject vehicle’s owner, who also installed the Sniper EFI.

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