PROFORM Releases Black Crinkle Alternators for Ford 10SI and GM CS130 Cases

Electric fuel pumps, air-conditioning, power windows and car stereos are too much for OEM 63 amp alternators. The increased power demands of today’s hot rods call for a upgrade.

Thanks to PROFORM’s Ford Modified 10SI and GM CS130 Alternators with Black Crinkle finish, users can keep the power flowing to their batteries in low-rpm situations.  Both alternators feature an external fan, 1-wire hook-up, machined pulley and internal regulator. As with all PROFORM 12-Volt Engine Parts, these alternators are produced and assembled by highly experienced personnel.  They are sold individually.

Features include:
• Black Crinkle finish
• Charging at low rpm
• Machined V-Belt pulley
• 1-wire hook-up with internal regulator
• 100% new internal and external components
• Sold individually

For more information, call 586-774-2500 or visit

(Content courtesy of PROFORM)