ProCharger Presents Its Big-Block Chevrolet Reverse Belt Drive System

ProCharger is offering big-power handling in a compact package with its big-block Chevrolet Reverse Belt Drive System.

The company has had positive feedback from users of its Crank Drive systems, but realizes not everyone has the space to be able to use one, so ProCharger engineers have created a solution in its Reverse Belt Drive System. It can support massive amounts of horsepower, while also clearing vital steering and chassis components found in dedicated street cars, trucks and even dragsters.

Key features include engine mounting bracket, supercharger mounting bracket, crank pulley and hub adaptor, optional alternator mount and optional fuel and oil pump drive mount.

Retail pricing starts at $2,999 for part number 4BD-BBC-3.

For more information, call 913-338-2886 or visit

(Content courtesy of ProCharger)