Holley Releases New Race-Design 4500 Intake for Cathedral Port LS Engine Combinations

Holley has released a new race-design 4500 intake for cathedral port LS engines.

It’s intended for maximum-effort combinations that need a bump in induction airflow. With its split design, users can port and modify intake runners to best suit their combinations.

Additionally, the two-piece split design provides access for all levels of porting and modification. It utilizes shoulder bolt locators and O-ring seal to ensure that disassembly and reassembly are simple and precise. Intended for cathedral head port LS engine combinations, offerings include carbureted and EFI versions in both black and natural finishes.

The EFI manifolds feature AN-8 fuel rails with a 4500 Dominator-style carb flange for EFI throttle bodies, or EFI throttle body elbows, and is configured with an LS MAP sensor port, along with other NPT plenum vacuum or air-temp sensor ports. The LS race-design single-plane intake manifold is designed for high performance racing engine applications, 5.3 to 6.2+ liter displacements, naturally aspirated or with power-adders, and max power of 7500-8000+ rpm.

For more information, visit holley.com or call 866-464-6553.

(Content courtesy of Holley)