New Product—Brian Tooley Racing Gen III HEMI Cams for NA and Supercharged Combinations

Brian Tooley Racing NMCA HEMI

There is no doubt the Gen III HEMI has exploded in popularity over the last several years and the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals credits it as one of its quickest growing segments. Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) has dominated the LS market with its camshafts as well as its complete induction package systems and it was only natural for the company to expand into the late-model HEMI market.

The BTR crew has split the camshafts up into Stage 1 and Stage 2 offerings for each segment—Naturally Aspirated, Centrifugal Supercharged, and Positive Displacement Supercharged. A Cam Phaser Limiter Kit is also available along with an assortment of OEM replacement parts. BTR has also designed conical valvesprings and custom locators to be used with factory OEM retainers. Stiffer valvesprings are also available while BTR will be releasing custom pushrods in the coming months.

Listed below are cam specs for each stage and application:

Naturally Aspirated

Stage 1 with VVT

P/N 242028133—Lift: 590-inch (intake) and .580-inch (exhaust), Duration at .050-inch 220/228-degrees, and 113-degree lobe separation

Stage 2 with VVT

P/N 242636122— Lift: .615-inch (intake) and .600-inch (exhaust), Duration at .050-inch 226/236-degrees, and 112.5-degrees lobe separation

Centrifugal Supercharger

Stage 1 for applications with 8-16 psi of boost like with a ProCharger D1/P1, can be ground on VVT or non-VVT cores

Call for Specs

Stage 2 for applications 16+ psi of boost like with a ProCharger F1X, can be ground on VVT or non-VVT cores

Call for Specs

Positive Displacement Superchargers

Stage 1 with VVT

P/N 242340195—Lift: .610-inch (intake) and .600-inch (exhaust), Duration at .050-inch 223/240-degrees, and 119-degree lobe separation

Stage 2 with VVT

P/N 243148184—Lift: .590-inch (intake) and .580-inch (exhaust), Duration at .050-inch 231/248-degrees, and 118-degrees of lobe separation

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