FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body Now Available In Black

Designed to maximize performance upgrades on all GM Gen III and Gen IV engines with cable driven throttle bodies, the FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body is now available with an anodized black finish.

FAST knows that increased airflow is a key ingredient to increasing an engine’s performance. With an opening nearly 40 percent larger than stock, the FAST 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body is ideal for use with the FAST LSXRTM, LSXRTTM and LSXHRTM intake manifolds, as well as any other manifold with a 102mm or larger inlet. The FAST throttle body offers increased throttle blade thickness to eliminate deflection commonly found with other throttle bodies, especially those in boosted applications. A smoother operating offset blade pivot improves throttle response, and a beefed up linkage with dual throttle spring mechanism ensures total throttle control. FAST invested significant testing and engineering resources into optimizing cross-sectional flow and eliminating airflow turbulence, especially at part-throttle operation. Available with or without TPS and IAC sensors.

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(Content courtesy of FAST)