New Product—Speedtech Performance Drag Sub-frame and Spindle for Camaro and Nova

Speedtech Performance, who is well-known in the performance handling markets, has expanded their offerings to include drag racing specific front sub-frames for ’67-’69 Camaro and ’68-’72 Nova.

The tubular front-end can be bolted to the firewall for ease of installation and includes large diameter chromoly upper and lower control arms. The sub-frame can use factory or Speedtech aluminum spindles, complete with billet steering arms and adjustable bump-steer. Front and mid engine plates are included to help lock a high horsepower engine in place. Most headers can fit in the sub-frame assembly, making it easy to transfer an existing package over to the Speedtech setup.

The front shocks are designed for drag racing with adjustable compression and rebound for better control at the launch. A lightweight rack and pinion steering setup is also included in the complete package. The caster and stagger are adjustable through the lower control arm position for better staging and high-speed stability.

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