Bowling Green, Kentucky – Pricing

Directions: 798 Beech Bend Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101


Spectator or Crew* Prices
FREE Admission for Kids 12 & Under
Single Day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) $25.00
2 Day (Sat-Sun) $45.00
3 Day (Fri-Sun) $70.00
4 Day (Thurs-Sun) $95.00
Car Show Participant Prices
Thursday-Sunday Car Show $95.00
Friday-Sunday Car Show $70.00
Saturday and Sunday Car Show $45.00
Saturday Only (1 Day Car Show) $25.00
Sunday Only (1 Day Car Show) $25.00
Thursday Test & Tune (Purchase at NMCA Registration Trailer)
Test & Tune Run Card – Heads Up Classes (PM, PS, RW, SO, XS, NPS, NA 10.5,, CPS, FSC) $75.00
Test & Tune Index Classes Run Card (OC, NSS, NMC, S/SS, RUM, SK, TS) $25.00
NMCA Classes Entry Fees
Pro Mod Car/Pro Stock Driver Event Fee (Any Day) $175.00
NMCA Class Car/Driver Race w/ Early Entry Thursday $175.00
NMCA Class (Car/Driver) Entry (All Classes Except ProMod)(Friday or Saturday) $130.00
2 Day True Street Entry $100.00
Event Vehicle Pass (Sold Only with Crew)
Parking Pass $50.00
Swap/Coral Participant Prices
Thursday-Sunday $95.00
Friday-Sunday $75.00
Saturday and Sunday $50.00
Sunday 1 Day Only $50.00