NA 10.5 Driver David Theisen Taking it to the Next Level

By the time David Theisen had rolled his 1969 Firebird out of the trailer at his first race of 2017, he had already set goals, and then one by one, he began achieving them.

In NMCA Boninfante Racing NA 10.5, he led qualifying at the events at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois and Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio, was the runner up at the event at Route 66 Raceway and won at the event at Summit Motorsports Park.

In Milan Dragway’s All Motor category, he was the runner-up at two races at the track in Michigan.

Along the way, he flew to a 7.89 and 175 mph in NMCA Boninfante Racing NA 10.5 at a weight of 3275 pounds, and 7.73 and 178 mph in Milan Dragway’s All Motor at 3150 pounds, and then capped it off with a third place finish in both series, and while that proves that he’s already a force who’s flying, he’s clicking it up a notch for 2018.

His engine-builder, Chris Uratchko of Uratchko Racing Engines, is in the process of freshening his already-energetic 611ci engine based on a steel Dart block and topped with SR20 heads by Slick Rick Racing Heads and Marcella Manifolds intake, while also looking for ways to coax even more horsepower from it.

Additionally, Jim Filipowski recently wrapped up some chassis work for Theisen.

“Jim did some updates to the chassis and got a little weight out,” said Theisen, whose car features a Ford nine-inch by Filipowski and AFCO suspension components massaged by Mark Menscer.

He added that while some have suggested that he replace the steel doors and bumpers on his hotrod with lightweight components, he wants to retain a factory appearance.

“I have a fiberglass hood, but I’d really like to keep everything else steel for as long as possible,” said Theisen. “That said, I might consider replacing my glass windows with Lexan.”

Theisen, whose chock-full of character car commands attention everywhere he races, plans to take part in each of the six events on the 2018 NMCA tour, beginning with the 16th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem, March 8-11 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. He’ll also continue to compete in Milan Dragway’s All Motor category.

“I’ve never been able to take part in all six NMCA events before, but I plan to do that in 2018,” said Theisen. “I’m pretty pumped up about being able to run the whole series and go for the championship, especially since the competition is great and the class is growing.”

(Photos by NMCA and courtesy of David Theisen)