Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series Drivers Impress at Indy

Despite high heat and humidity, drivers of the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series put on a thrilling display during the LSX Shootout held as part of the 16th Annual SDPC Raceshop NMCA World Street Finals, Sept. 21-24 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was the culmination of a championship chase that began in May, and as expected, it was chock-full of cutthroat competition.

In Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rods Drag Radial, Anthony Manna, who was swapping fuel pumps right before the first round of qualifying, uncorked a 4.47 in his Camaro to set the pace, but in the final, Camren Massengale collected a 4.71 in his nitrous-assisted Corvette to defeat Andy Essary, who blew the tires off at the hit in his turbocharged Firebird.

In Holley EFI Real Street, Jessie Coulter hot-shoed his Camaro to a 4.75 to lead qualifying and stayed the course to collect the win with a 4.72 over Nick McGrath, who was 4.76 in his LSX-packing Mustang.

Jesse Wilson wheeled Kelly Pierce’s Camaro to a 10.25 to lead Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center, and he made it to the final round, where he had a remarkable race with Haley Rounsaval during which he ran a quicker 10.22, but Rounsaval rounded up the win with a 10.23 and a holeshot at the start.

Joey Moore motored to a 10.26 and the lead in qualifying in his Camaro in LME Street King, but moving on to the final were Kurt Anderson and his Camaro and Taylor Lumsden and his Firebird. Anderson took the win after running right on his 10.00 dial — 10.000, to be exact — and Lumsden broke out with a 9.98 on his 10.00 dial.

Tim Earle ran his Camaro to a 12.50 to lead qualifying in ProForm Rumble, but in it for the long haul were Nicholas Massengale and his Camaro and Tim Rickey and his Corvette. Massengale won with a 12.01 on his 12.00 index, while Rickey was 11.10 on his 11.00 index.

In LSX True Street, Dan Rensch was the overall winner with a 7.75 average in his Nova, while Justin May was the runner up with an 8.47 average in his Firebird. Deitrich Bollinger was the 11-second winner in his Camaro, Nicholas Massengale was the 12-second winner in his Camaro, Jason Stephenson was the 13-second winner in his Silverado, Cody Wright was the 14-second winner in his Camaro and Brian Palcisko was the 15-second winner in his Aero.

Upon careful study of points after this exciting race, class champions will officially be declared, and a follow-up story will be posted on the NMCA Website. Then, champions and their crew members will be celebrated during Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series awards ceremony in December in Indiana.