Extreme Racing Oil Joins NMCA as Official and Contingency Sponsor

Extreme Racing Oil has joined the NMCA as an official and contingency sponsor for the remainder of 2017 as well as for the entire 2018 season. Beginning with next weekend’s All-American Nationals, racers in Xtreme Pro Mod, Radial Wars, Street Outlaw, Nitrous Pro Street and Open Comp can qualify for contingency from Extreme Racing Oil.

“We’re very happy to come on board as an Official Sponsor of the NMCA. We recently attended our first NMCA event where I was blown away,” said Larry Jeffers of Extreme Racing Oil. “Everything from their first-class hospitality and racer support, to the packed midway. In addition, many of our own customers race NMCA in everything from ProMod to small tire. We’re happy to bring our race-proven oil, Extreme Racing Oil, to the series, paying contingency in many classes. We look forward to some exciting racing for the rest of 2017 and 2018,” Jeffers added.

Based in House Springs, Mo., Extreme Brand Products manufactures SJ Synthetic Blend Racing Oils 2200 ppm Zn 2500 ppm Ca which are based on API service level SJ additive technology. An additional boost of ZDDP is utilized taking the final formulation to 2200ppm Zinc. This extra amount of ZDDP provides excellent anti-wear protection. Also a performance boost of calcium-based detergents is utilized to promote cleanliness in the engine. The use of this amount of anti-wear and detergent additives blended in quality paraffinic base oils makes these motor oils ideal for protecting an engine under extreme conditions. These products utilize a mixture of synthetic and conventional base stocks for extra performance and protection from oxidation that causes engine deposits.

These high-performance oils come in the following viscosities 15W-40, 20W-50, SAE 50 and SAE 70.

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