I-85 Atlanta Closure Info

In the event that by now you still aren’t aware of the I-85 cluster in Atlanta, keep in mind that it is closed in both directions just North of downtown. Granted most of you already avoid that area, but you still need to be aware of alternate routes.

Obviously if you’re coming from the Northeast you don’t have an issue. For those of you coming directly from the North if for some reason you took 75 into the city and then 85 up to Commerce, you now lost that route. Take the 275 loop around the city and hit 85 on the Northeast side of town. If you’re coming from the South on 75 or 85 take 285 around the Southeast side — the same for I-20. Of course there are numerous other routes around the city, which may work better for you, but the above seem to be the best known at this point.