DeatschWerks Fuel Systems Supports NMCA and LSX Challenge Series

NMCA is proud to announce that DeatschWerks Fuel Systems has signed on as official sponsor for the 2017 season. In addition, DeatschWerks is participating in the NMCA contingency program – one of the largest all-cash contingency programs in street legal drag racing with over 80 participating brands.

Deatschwerks Marketing Coordinator Mark Hutchison said, “DeatschWerks Fuel Systems is excited to be again sponsoring NMRA for the 2017 season. In addition to sponsoring and posting contingency in NMRA, we are happy to announce that we are also sponsoring and posting contingency for NMCA and the LSX challenge series for 2017.” Hutchison continued, “We have been very impressed with the level racing, professionalism of the racers and shops that participate in both series and would like to reach out with our products to help racers with Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles go faster and have fun racing in 2017.  See you at the track!”

Join the NMCA and LSX event staff in welcoming Deatschwerks Fuel Systems to the team!