MSD’s New Black Crank Trigger Kits for 1955-1996 Small Block Chevy

 MSD recently announced its new black crank trigger kits and black spark boxes. The black crank trigger kits, which are available for 1955-1996 small-block Chevys using MSD 6, 7, 8-series ignitions, Power Grid, or other MSD timing accessories offers stabilized ignition timing and operates on a different principle than ordinary crank triggers. Four magnets permanently embedded in an aluminum trigger wheel pass by a stationary non-magnetic pickup to accurately trigger the ignition. The use of non-magnetic pickups guarantees that the system cannot be falsely triggered to cause misfiring issues or power losses. Developed specifically for small-block Chevy engines with size compatible harmonic balances, users can select from 6.25-, 7- or 8-inch sizes.