Bully Dog’s new BDX handheld tuner with Wi-Fi is a breakthrough in engineering, eliminating the need for wires and making it simpler than ever to boost overall vehicle performance, towing ability and off-road potential. BDX is the first engine calibration device to offer Firmware On Demand, which identifies a vehicle, then connects to Wi-Fi to download the latest dyno-proven tune files, ensuring your tunes are always up-to-date. BDX can also accommodate up to 10 custom tunes, available from more than 1,000 dealers worldwide.


Its sleek design and easy-to-use push-button interface enables quick, flash-and-go tuning of key performance parameters. With a full-color display and customizable gauges, BDX delivers more horsepower and torque when it’s needed most.


“We built the BDX with an eye toward two hallmarks of successful product design — simplicity and effectiveness,” says Bully Dog Product Manager Adrian Croot. “Though it delivers several firsts for Bully Dog, users can expect the same ease-of-use as well as clear results, right out of the box.”


BDX accesses your vehicle’s engine control module through the OBDII port and adjusts stock settings like ignition timing, fuel mixture, throttle response, idle RPM and shift firmness to more efficiently meet your specific performance needsimage002

. Bully Dog’s Livelink software allows users to personalize performance monitoring and keep on top of opportunities to adjust for peak performance. In addition, BDX gives users the ability to read and clear engine codes without making a trip to the dealership.


Best of all, BDX can now provide tunes for Bully Dog’s full range of applications, including both gas and diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan.


For more information about how Bully Dog BDX gives drivers the edge they need to tackle tough terrain, pull a heavy payload, or improve fuel economy, please visit bullydog.com/bdx