Hot and Heavy Racing at Holley LS Fest

After piloting their powerful machines all year long as part of the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series, drivers dove headfirst into competition at their fourth and final points race of the year at the Holley LS Fest, Sept. 9-11, 2016 at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It was hot and it was humid, but the action was still stellar as drivers put their hearts, their souls and everything they had on the line.

Anthony Manna took the top qualified spot in Callies Drag Radial after cruising his ’98 Camaro to a 4.52, and hung tough through the final, where he met up with Andy Essary and his 2002 Firebird. When the tree dropped, both of the black cars were off, and Manna made it to the finish line first with a 4.36 while Essary followed with a 4.65. Manna’s 4.36 backed up the 4.39 he ran earlier in the day for the unofficial class record.

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Chevrolet Performance Stock saw Glenn Pushis wheel his 2013 Camaro to a 10.36 and the top qualified spot and advance to the final round, where he lined up alongside Kevin Lumsden, who had qualified right behind him with a 10.40 in his ’99 Camaro. While Pushis was a tick quicker at the top end with a 10.23, Lumsden was quicker at the hit and took the win with a 10.24.

Jessie Coulter captured everyone’s attention from the get-go by catapulting to a 7.65 and the top qualified spot in his ’91 Camaro in Wiseco Real Street. He proved that he was deserving of that attention by going all the way to the final, where he met Camren Massengale, who made the surprise appearance despite the fact his engine emitted the pop heard around the world that forced his ’01 Corvette to limp off track in the previous round. Coulter took the win after a 7.56 to 7.75 match-up.


In Nitro Gear Street King, TJ Johnson leaped off the line in his ’67 Chevelle in .011 seconds in qualifying and earned a spot at the top of the qualified field, but the final round belonged to Kurt Anderson and his ’69 Camaro and Dwayne Camp and his ’01 Mustang. Anderson, who had been yanking the wheels pass after pass, did so again in the final round before running to a 10.05 and the win over Camp and his 10.04.

Three Pedals Rumble saw a sizable field, and leading the pack in qualifying was Shawn Rissler, who rustled up a .004 reaction time in his ’02 Pontiac. In the final, however, Kyle Feebeck mustered up the win in his ’88 Mustang over Cody Alumbaugh and his ’96 S10, 10.98 to 11.86.

In COPO Battle at the Green presented by Lingenfelter and School of Automotive Machinists and Technology, Al Corda captured the top qualified spot after driving his 2015 COPO Camaro to a 10.00, but in the final, it would be Larry Morgan and Phillip Giles, who were part of one of the tightest races of the weekend at the starting line and the finish line, with Morgan running right on his 9.38 dial-in and Giles running right on his 9.40 dial-in, with Giles holding on for the win.

Fran Schatz shot to a 9.67 in a 2016 Corvette and lead qualifying in Hooker Blackheart Late Model Heads-Up, but in the final, he fell off to a 10.56 and Greg Allen, who had the starting line advantage in his 2015 Corvette, took the win with an 10.58.

Clocking miles on the street and the strip were 1320 Wheels True Street contestants, and collecting the overall win was Chris Bishir with an 8.70 average in his S10, while Justin May was the runner-up with a 9.19 average in his Pontiac. Nick Fabrick flew to the 9-second win in his Formula, and Keith Childers cruised to the 10-second win in his Camaro. TJ Johnson pushed his Chevelle to the 11-second win while Nicholas Massengale motored his Chevy to the 12-second win. Dennis Boggess drove his Camaro to the 13-second win while Terry Barnett wheeled his Camaro to the 14-second win.

2016 Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series champions will be declared upon final examination of the points, and additional coverage will be featured in an upcoming issue of Fastest Street Car magazine.