15th Annual NMCA World Street Finals——Sunday Coverage

Eliminations are underway at the 2016 NMCA World Street Finals and the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. The first round started off in spectacular fashion where the top in the championship points chase for Magnafuel Open Comp failed to advance. Last year’s champ, Jenna Pierce-Wilson, along with her father Kelly Pierce, and Chuck Hockenberry all missed the mark this morning. Hockenberry has an outside chance given he was in the lead going into this race, but the door is open for Donald Fenlon and Kurt Neighbor.

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And speaking of Kurt Neighbor, his searing yellow Mercury Comet A/FX race car that he races in ATI Performance Products Nostalgia Super Stock is sidelined while he is behind the wheel of his gorgeous Fairlane Thunderbolt. Look for a full feature on this in an upcoming issue of Fastest Street Car magazine.



A race broke out at a test session for Wiseco Street Outlaw driver Phil Hines a few weeks ago when he was challenged, in so many words, to a match race against Daddy Dave at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. “I heard that people were saying that Daddy Dave wanted to race me, and then I heard Doc call me out over the mic, and I said ‘I don’t care, I’ll do it,’ so I did, and I beat him, said Hines, who took part in the no ET-type race in his ProCharger-equipped Mustang. “It was all good afterward. We even went out to dinner.”


Tyler Levan may be new to E3 Spark Plugs Top Sportsman, but he had no problem taking the top qualified spot after running his ’67 Mustang to a 6.49. When we caught up with the West Liberty, Ohio driver in the lanes before today’s first round of eliminations, he shared that his eye-catching car crushes the quarter mile with a 464 cubic-inch BAE Hemi and a Roots-style blower. “It’s a new engine and we’re still figuring it out, but it’s going well, and I’m happy for all of the people who have helped me,” said Levan.


When we asked longtime NMCA MagnaFuel Open Comp and NMRA Flex-A-Lite Open Comp competitor Jon M. Pickering what prompted him to officially join NMCA E3 Spark Plugs Top Sportsman, he smiled from the cockpit of his ’98 Mustang and said “I just want to go faster and faster.” Helping him do that is his 598 cubic-inch BES-built big-block Ford packed with Harland Sharp valvetrain components and topped with Trick Flow heads, and while he’s aiming for 7.80s, he’s slightly off-pace as he searches for the perfect converter to complement his new combination.


TJ Strange has a new engine his the Strange family 1992 Ford Ranger, which competes in Quick Lane of Downs Ford NA 10.5 category. The new engine is a unique one—a small-block Ford engine displaces 400ci and wears a set of Edelbrock Victor heads, though the intake of choice is interesting, to say the least. The rules add a penalty for fabricated style intake manifolds but Strange found a cast intake manifold with long, straight runners and a massive plenum. He built a manifold lid at his shop, Tractive Force, so he could mounts two Pro Systems carburetors. The carburetors were originally designed for a nitrous-enhanced engine but with some modifications they work very well in this application. He is currently qualified 14th in the 17-car field with an 8.70 at 153 mph, a performance they are looking to lower.

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We are used to seeing Valerie Clements on the NMRA side of the world but with the long break for that series, she decided to make the trip to her favorite track. Clements swapped to a set of Mickey Thompson Gen 1 ET Radial tires and moved some weight around as she switched to Edelbrock Xtreme Street. The graduate school student put her 2005 Mustang GT squarely in the middle of the tight field with a 7.63 at 175 mph. Here we see Franny McCarthy switching the rear gear after he swapped teams from Dez Racing to Clements Racing. The move worked as Clements went right down the track and ran dangerously close to a career best time in the heat of the day. A 360ci small-block with AFR 225 heads and a ProCharger F-1A-94 powers the car.

BangShift Live FeedCan’t make it out for today’s festivities? The fine folks—and Chad Reynolds—of BangShift.com are bringing it to the internet and beyond. You can check the live action at http://bangshift.com/bs-productions-live-broadcast-page/

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Brothers — and VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod drivers — Stephan and Tom Stringer had to take care of some things back home in Somerset, Kentucky before joining the race this weekend, but they arrived in time to make the final qualifying session. Stephan posted a 4.55 after shaking the tires in his ’68 Camaro for the twelfth spot while Tom pushed his ’63 Corvette to a 3.99 for the sixth spot. The formidable forces have found success in the series despite being new to it in 2016, as Stephan, whose Camaro features a new 521 cubic-inch BAE Hemi and Roots-style blower, comes to this race third in points while Tom, whose Corvette packs a lot of punch with a similar powerplant, comes to this race sixth in points.


Richard Holt took a solo pass down track in his 521 Hemi and screw-style blower-powered ’69 Camaro to win today’s first round of VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod, and in preparation for the second round of eliminations, he and his crew discovered that the pulley was hitting the crank trigger. “David Monday is on it, and we’ll be ready for the next round,” said Holt.


2015 Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series JE Pistons Drag Radial champion Anthony Manna, who qualified second with a 4.55 and won first round in his  ’98 Camaro featuring an AES-built 427 cubic-inch LSX engine and twin 88mm Precision turbos, is pretty frantically trying to track down a boost leak before he’s to return to the staging lanes for the second round of eliminations. He has a lot at stake, as he’s currently in third place in points and looking to move on up.

Joey 2After breaking four rods in the nitrous-gulping  Zapp Racing Engines-built small-block Ford under the hood of his Mustang at the NMCA race in Illinois last month, ARP Nitrous Pro Street driver Joe Bucaro and his crew thrashed to make this race, and borrowed some parts to do so. But their efforts paid off in spades, as the Illinois-based driver just backed up his 2015 championship with the 2016 championship. When asked how he got it done, Bucaro smiles and said it was having the names of his daughters, Sofia, Bella and Gabriella, prominently placed on the windows of his car.


While 2015 Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 champion Leonard Long is now out of contention for this year’s championship, he’s not out of this weekend’s race, and he’s doing everything he can to take it all the way. He won first round in his Mustang powered by a small-block Ford and G-Force Transmissions GF2000 five-speed, and is currently under it taking counterweight off of his clutch in preparation for the second round of eliminations. “I’m actually kind of relieved that I’m now out of the running for the championship, because I can just focus on the race in front of me,” said Long, who added that he hopes to finish in the top four in points.


Kurt Anderson came here to race, and proved that by entering not one, not two, but three categories, including LME Street King, MagnaFuel Open Comp and Bracket 2. Unfortunately, he had a bit of red light-itis this weekend, and was forced to put his crowd-pleasing ’69 Camaro in the trailer early. While he’s not leaving the race with a win, he’s leaving as one of the fan-favorites who thrilled with three blips of the throttle to settle a wheelie and continue on the straight and narrow. He and his wife, Shawna, were going to watch the race of the race before heading home to Wisconsin.

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The championship situation is interesting to say the least, here are the racers who have secured the 2016 NMCA championship—Joe Bucaro nailed down the ARP Nitrous Pro Street title when Jennifer Rice went out in the first round. DeWayne Mills became just the second person—ever—to win the Mickey Thompson Radial Wars title. Andy Warren continues his domination of NMCA competition with yet another championship, securing his current title of the winningest driver in the sanctioning body history. The little green wagon fought the good fight in Edelbrock Xtreme Street and Eric Kenward drove his way on to the championship throne. And finally, Tim Savell put the Bankston Boyz 2012 Camaro on top of the wild Xtreme Pro Mod category as nitrous reclaimed the class title after a few years of turbocharged cars dominating.

More champions will be crowned once racing restarts following a brief rain shower. There are several close categories and with the weather cooling off, some record-breaking performances could be the deciding factor. NMCA competitors will race into the night as they look to put an exclamation point on the season.

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