5th Annual Chevrolet Performance Nationals——Saturday Coverage

Cars are coming out of the trailers and the track is being prepped in anticipation of the first trigger of the Christmas tree this morning here at the Chevrolet Performance Nationals at Atlanta Dragway. The racing action begins at 9:00am with bracket and Gear Vendors True Street time trials and then we go right into Q1 with the Proform Rumble and LME Street King classes.


Thanks to Chevrolet Performance and Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center for their support with this year’s event! Make sure to visit the SDPC rig in the vendor midway today at the 5th Annual Chevrolet Performance Nationals presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and check out the great deals they have on all the go-fast parts that you need for your ride!


Fans of Monza’s “Sinister Split Bumper” ’72 Chevy Camaro from Street Outlaws can check out the crazy nitrous oxide gulping car up close and personal today at the Chevrolet Performance Nationals at Atlanta Dragway from 10:00am-6:00pm! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to meet your favorite Street Outlaws celebrity!


Want your photo with Doc’s killer ’70 Chevy Monte Carlo “Street Beast”? Come to Atlanta Dragway today between 10:00am and 6:00pm during the Chevrolet Performance Nationals and you’ll have the chance to meet this awesome Street Outlaws star and score an autograph!


Always willing to help out a fellow racer, Chevrolet Performance Stock racer Glenn Pushis loaned out the lift in his stacker last night to Holley EFI Real Street competitor Ted Timmerman of Durham, North Carolina. Timmerman’s 35th anniversary Trans Am ate up first gear in his transmission and needed to swap transmissions before qualifying began today.


Someone else that needed some help—and that Pushis assisted by loaning him a new set of tires—was Chevrolet Performance Stock racer Keith Vaughn. Vaughn had made some suspension adjustments to his fourth-gen but it would seem that the axle wasn’t quite centered under the chassis, which resulted in the Mickey Thompson slicks growing down track and eventually coming in contact with the quarter panels.


When he’s not tending to his soybean and rice crops, George Toll pulls out his immaculate WS6 Trans Am and hits some races. TyTech Performance handled most of the work on the car including the ProCharger F1-C-blown LSX engine under the ram air hood. Toll told us he feels the car should be competitive going into this weekend’s race.


What’s it like to drive a jet car? It’s a blast! 😉 Elaine Larsen and her team of jet car drivers will battle it out on the track this afternoon to see who’s the fastest behind the wheel of these crazy 10,000 horsepower monsters and attempt to reset the Georgia landspeed record!


Also at the Elaine Larsen jet car pit area is a great welding demonstration and interactive display from Miller Electric Welders and Sidney Lee Welding Supply. The young (and young at heart) can build their own miniature dragster toys for FREE, and learn how to weld at the same time. Bring the kids!


Debuting in the Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center class is noted racer Darren Poole Adams. His Pontiac Firebird was a former NA machine that was completely gutted, and Poole-Adams had to add lots of the stock interior components back into the car to put weight in it. He’ll be testing a prototype Goodyear 28×9 slick tire this weekend in addition to putting the first laps on the Firebird since it’s CP Stock/DR525 conversion.



Fran Schatz and his Race Proven Motorsports C6 ZO6 Corvette are on the property and looking to tear up the Holley EFI Real Street class this weekend. Schatz normally runs the car in local Ultra Street events, so he has plenty of passes on the new-to-Real-Street for 2016 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS tire.


LSX Drag Radial racer Joe DeDona finished up the last odds and ends with his new-for-this-year combination, left his home in New York on Thursday night, and arrived in Georgia with his Smalley Automotive-built ’02 Corvette Z06 late on Friday. He will be using today’s qualifying sessions to put the inaugural hits on the new Edelbrock LSR-headed 441ci L powerplant from Bill Trovato Racing. Bolted to the front of the motor is a massive ProCharger blower, while the back end is matched with a transmission from Rodney Massengale at RPM Transmission. Tuning is managed by Matt Bell at REDLINE MOTORSPORTS, but Ed Hutchings is lending some last-minute assistance this weekend.


The all-American car show area is filling up fast! We’ve got tons of beautiful classic Chevys and GMs in every form imaginable, as well as lots of great newer model cars with crazy power upgrades. In between drag racing rounds, take a walk through the aisles and get inspiration for your next dream car.

A last-minute match up saw Street Outlaws stars Doc and his “Street Beast” ’70 Chevy Monte Carlo and Monza and his “Sinister Split Bumper” ’72 Chevy Camaro run head to head! Who won? Watch the awesome video to find out!


It’s been a crazy day here at the Chevrolet Performance Nationals as we’ve dodge multiple showers and fought some intense heat and humidity. As racers want to race, we’ve qualified and are deep into eliminations and will finish tonight due to some inclement weather on schedule for Sunday. Check out the qualifying results below.
Doc - 6-4-16, 8-58 PM - p1

Doc - 6-4-16, 8-58 PM - p2


Doc - 6-4-16, 8-58 PM - p3

Doc - 6-4-16, 8-58 PM - p4

Doc - 6-4-16, 8-58 PM - p5

Gear Vendors True Street Results

Copy of True Street Program True Street




Final Eliminations for all Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series Classes


Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p1

Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p2 Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p3 Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p4 Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p5 Doc - 6-4-16, 11-34 PM - p6