Flex-A-Lite’s LS Conversion Aluminum Radiator for Mustang, Camaro, & Jeep

Flex-A-Lite has unveiled its LS Conversion performance aluminum radiator, electric fan combination and oil cooler for the ’79-’93 Ford Mustang, ’70-’81 Chevy Camaro, ’87-’06 Jeep Wrangler TJ and YJ, and ’72-’86 Jeep Wrangler CJ. Hand welded in the US, Flex-A-Lite’s LS Conversion performance radiators feature two rows of 1” tubes for 122 percent more coolant capacity. Standard “T” channel design side tanks allow the radiator and cooling fan to mount without going through the radiator core. Electric fans come pre-mounted, and the controller allows the fan to operate between 160° and 230°F. As an added bonus, the fan controller includes a connection for air conditioning and cockpit control. Able to move 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute, the new Flex-A-Lite unit can improve both power and gas mileage over an old belt-driven fan.