Gofundme.com Account Established for Ian Tocher

Ian Tocher, 55, of Roswell, Georgia, a longtime drag racing photographer and journalist, was severely injured during an accident at Rockingham Dragway on Saturday, April 9th, 2016. Ronnie Davis, a resident of Suwanee, Georgia, had just completed a final qualifying run in 4.130 seconds at 178.19 miles per hour when his car turned left, then shot violently back across the track, clearing the right side guardwall where it then barrel-rolled. Tocher was posted near the finish line taking photographs and was hit by the tumbling race car, crushing his pelvis and both legs. Davis was treated at the track and transported to the hospital where he later succumbed to injuries sustained in the accident.

Tocher, however, was transported via life flight helicopter to UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and after multiple surgeries is in stable condition. He was diagnosed with an open-book pelvic injury, which has since been bolted back together, and while both legs were badly broken and damaged, his left leg was in the worst shape. Doctors have done two surgeries on it, setting the bone and covering the wound with skin, and are hopeful that he will be able to keep it.

His wife, Sue, and 12-year-old son, Robert, left their home in Roswell, Georgia, immediately upon receiving the news of Ian’s injury, and have been with him at the hospital since their arrival on Saturday night.

Ian and his family are very appreciative of any and all of your gracious donations. Ian has a long road to recovery, but doctors are hopeful that he will not only walk again, but also be back playing hockey at some point in the future.

To donate please follow the link to the gofundme page created on Ian’s behalf. The link is >>HERE<<