14th Annual NMCA Ross Racing Pistons Muscle Car Mayhem—Thursday Coverage


The track is ready and the racers are quickly filling up the pits already here at the 14th Annual NMCA Ross Racing Pistons Muscle Car Mayhem at Bradenton Motorsports Park. We’ve spotted lots of new cars in the pits, and we will be welcoming the new Holley EFI Factory Super Cars class, and there are a dozen or so Pro Mods here already looking to take on the new VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod class and its new eighth-mile format.

2Many of his fans have caught wind of his recently finished ’68 Chevelle, but if its lack of a bright pink paint job is throwing you off, this is Ron Fisher’s new ride. Fisher became a household name after his previous Chevelle’s bumper-dragging wheelie was put on a Flowmaster Mufflers poster, and soon adorned many a garage wall thereafter. Fisher’s new ride packs a 540i big-block Chevy wearing Big Chief heads and a Littlefield blower. The team recently had Mike Janis work his magic on the huffer and provide a new blower hat for the combination, which is reportedly to have provided a 400hp increase. Fisher is here testing this weekend as they creep up on the newfound power from the mechanically injected setup.

ATI Performance Products Nostalgia Super Stockers are in the house. Duell, Schultz, DeChicco, Tiller, and more are already here, as are some new rides like Robert Killian’s ’68 Dodge Dart.


This droptop might be the wildest thing we’ve sen enter Magnafuel Open Comp. Old school big-block Chevy with a blower, big drag radials and twin parachutes for good measure. We’ll scour the pits until we get the scoop.


It’s neck and neck with the Camaro versus Mustang car count in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars right now. Bruno Massell has been tearing up the track today with mid-8-second passes, but there are a number of Cobra Jets on the property that are right there with him. This is going to be an exciting class to watch this weekend.


Craig Sullivan’s wild Dodge Daytona pro mod has been a hit all over the internet with its patina wrap and paint job. Over 75 hours went into the design of the wrap, and it took another 4 days to install it. The ’06 Vanishing Point Race Cars chassis packs a Visner Engine Development 521cici engine with a roots blower and Fueltech EFI. Sullivan also runs Top Dragster with his rail and Super Stock with a Fox Body Mustang.


The NMCA’s 2015 Chevrolet Performance Stock champion Glenn Pushis had an issue with his DR525-powered Camaro earlier today as it dropped a bit of transmission fluid on the track. This led his crew to swap out the new transmission for last year’s piece until they can determine what the cause of the leak is.


South Florida’s Tony Alm is back in Edelbrock Xtreme Street this year with a larger 400i engine. His Mustang recently underwent a number of upgrades to the front end of the chassis as well.


Richie Nye normally runs with the Gearjammers association of drag racers, and his G-Force-equipped Mustang usually has much larger 18-inch slicks on it. He’ll be running in Quick Lane of Downs Ford NA 10.5 this weekend and is using today to try and get better acquainted with the smaller radial tires he’ll be using this weekend.


When he’s not wheeling his championship-winning Chevrolet Performance Stock Camaro this weekend, Glenn Pushis will be attacking the quarter-mile in his supercharged COPO Camaro in the new Factory Super Cars class. He’ll be using today and tomorrow to get his competition license, and should have lots of fun mixing it up with the other makes and models in the class.