BRODIX® Introduces the BP BR 7 285 BS™ / 12° Cylinder Heads

The industry’s most durable LS compatible head has been taken to the next level with the introduction of the 100% CNC ported BP BR 7 285 BS™ for turbo-charged and blown applications.  This LS 7 compatible head is by far the most durable head in the business.  The 285 BS head has a rigid rocker pad area for use with high horsepower engines.  The larger, redesigned exhaust ports support turbo-charged and blown engines with ease.  This 12° valve angle head flows over 415 cfm through a 285 cc intake port.  The exhaust port flows over 255 cfm.  The larger spring pockets will accommodate a 1.645 diameter valve spring for use with roller cams.  A shaft rocker system and longer valves are required for use with this head.

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