On-track Repairs Made at AAA Autoclub Dragway in Fontana

As host of all four events in the NMCA WEST VP Racing Street Car Nationals series last year, AAA Autoclub Dragway in Fontana, California welcomed a large contingent of racers from across the country.

They traversed the track with finely-tuned combinations and chassis, and laid down exceptional elapsed-times. But because many of them could feel a dip in the track surface in the left lane, track officials took action and made repairs to that portion of the track on Jan. 28, 2016.

“We had the guys who do all the paving for the NASCAR tracks do this so that it wasn’t just me mixing up a batch of concrete,” said Tracy Fischle, AAA Autoclub Dragway manager. “We tore off a three-foot patch across the lane at the transition from the asphalt to the concrete, where there was a little bit of a bump, and then we repaved it and leveled it out.”

According to Fischle, it was a day’s worth of work, and then it was back to racing.

“We kept an eye on things, and we spoke with racers to be sure they were happy and there were no problems,” said Fischle. “We’re completely ready for 2016.”

On the schedule is the 5th Annual NMCA WEST Spring Nationals, April 1-3; 6th Annual NMCA WEST Coast Shootout, June 17-19, 5th Annual NMCA WEST Street Car Nationals, Sept. 16-18 and 5th Annual NMCA WEST World Finals, Oct, 14-16.