50th Anniversary Ford Performance Cobra Jet Reunion

NMCA is proud to host the 50th Anniversary Ford Performance Cobra Jet Reunion presented by TascaParts.com at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, the weekend of August 23-26, 2018. This “golden” anniversary is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness 50 years of Cobra Jet powered vehicles and meet Cobra Jet royalty, the people who developed and maintained this incredible factory-built Blue Oval platform.

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Watch as hundreds of Cobra Jets, including Mustangs, Shelbys, Fairlanes, Cougars, Torinos, Cyclones/Montegos, and Rancheros (all tributes/clones permitted) turn Summit Motorsports Park into a venomous snake pit! Join in the celebration of Cobra Jet heritage, from 1968 to present, with activities that include drag racing, a huge car show, invited celebrities, and a special kick-off dinner for owners, media, and fans.

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Watch All Years of Cobra Jet on the ¼ Mile

Enjoy the present…and step into a time machine…as you witness late-model and early-model Cobra Jets compete on the 1320 for national bragging rights and the chance to be crowned King of the Cobra Jets! ’08-Present Cobra Jets will get wheels-up and wild as they participate in the Modern Cobra Jet Showdown Class.

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Vintage Cobra Jet Drag Racing

60’s and 70’s era Cobra Jets will showcase Nostalgia power as they compete in their own Vintage Cobra Jet Showdown. These ultimate Cobra Jet Showdowns, presented by Diversified Products Marketing, offer racers big money, custom NMCA Victor awards, major media exposure, and the chance to get into the exclusive Aerospace Components winners circle. The winners of the Modern and Vintage Cobra Jet classes will race each other for the King of The Cobra Jets Title!

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Giant Cobra Jet Car Show…All Years, Makes, & Models Welcome!

You won’t want to miss the insane “snake pit,” a special car show area reserved for hundreds of Cobra Jet Mustangs, Shelbys, Tairlanes, Torinos, Rancheros, Cougars, Cyclones, Montegos. Car show classes for vin # correct as well as tributes and replicas.

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Your Chance to See the Cobra Jets That Made History!

The fangs come out and venom will pump through your veins as Cobra Jet Reunion car show participants fill up Summit Motorsports Park’s green grass with a sea of colors, chrome and high horsepower. From 1968 Cobra Jet #1 to Watson Racing’s 2008 modern Cobra Jet #1, and even the all-new 50th anniversary Ford Performance Cobra Jet…they will all be on display at this must attend event! Car show participants will include single car Cobra Jet owners as well as nationally recognized multi-vehicle collectors as everything Cobra Jet is on display at the Cobra Jet Reunion.

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Meet the People Who Created the Cobra Jet Phenomenon

This 50th anniversary golden event will be a who’s who of Cobra Jet royalty and it’s your chance to meet them in person. Invited celebrity guests include (but are not limited to) Henry Ford III, Edsel Ford, Bill Ford, Dave Pericak, the entire Tasca Ford family, Al Joniec, Bill Barr, Dean Gregson, Dave Lyle, Jerry Harvey, Bob Corn, Brian Wolfe, Jacky Jones, Roy Hill, Chuck Watson, Sr., and others.

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Cobra Jet Celebration Dinner

Friday evening features a once-in-a-lifetime Ford Performance Cobra Jet Reunion Celebration Dinner at the Sawmill Creek Resort host hotel, where Cobra Jet owners and fans will rub elbows with the people who made Cobra Jet performance a reality. The dinner, presented by Tasca Ford, will be hosted by NHRA announcer and TV commentator Brian Lohnes, and feature dinner & 1-hour host bar, guest speakers, video and slide show presentations, and much more.

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Cobra Jet Reunion Vendor Midway

Be sure to hit the ATM on your way to Summit Motorsports Park for the 50th anniversary of the Cobra Jet because there will be great deals on performance and restoration parts for your Mustang or Ford. The Cobra Jet Reunion will feature two vendor midways with everything from vintage restoration parts, speed and performance, and special event apparel including 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet Reunion T-shirts, hats, jackets, license plates, and more!

For vendor information please call Dave Farley at (949) 784-9061 or e-mail him at vendor@promediapub.com.

Be Sure to Book Your Rooms at the Sawmill Creek Resort Host Hotel

To ensure excellent Cobra Jet Reunion accommodations, NMCA has selected the Sawmill Creek Resort to be the event’s official host hotel and setting for the special Friday evening Cobra Jet Celebration Dinner. The Sawmill Creek Resort, only 25 minutes away from Summit Motorsports Park, is located in Sandusky and offers the ultimate motorsport vacation experience including a Tom Fazio designed golf course, Lake Erie adjacent water sports, close access to several water parks, and much more! Be sure to ask for the NMCA room rate when you book your rooms.

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Blue Oval Media and Support Groups

Partnering with Ford Performance to celebrate Cobra Jet’s golden anniversary, NMCA has secured support from major Blue Oval media and groups that include the Mustang Club of America, Mustang Times, the 428 Cobra Jet Registry, Mustang Monthly, the Fairlane Club of America, Cougar Club of America, and Galaxy Club of America.

Join Us at America’s Racetrack…Summit Motorsports Park

Billed as America’s Racetrack, Summit Motorsports Park is the premier national event drag race facility in the U.S. with massive paved pits, perfectly manicured car show grass, and amenities second to none. Situated just outside of Sandusky, Ohio, the Cobra Jet Reunion’s location provides participants and fans eager for extra vacation activities access to numerous water parks, golf, and other special amenities. This special event takes place the weekend after the world-famous Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit and one week before the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indy, setting the stage for the ultimate motorsport road trip.

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Major Supporters of the Cobra Jet Reunion

Special thanks to Ford Performance Parts, the official title sponsor of this 50th anniversary event. The Tasca Family and TascaParts.com is the official presenting sponsor and will be racing and displaying at the event. Watson Racing, builders of the modern Cobra Jet, is a major sponsor and will be racing and displaying at the event. Diversified Products Marketing is sponsoring the Modern and Vintage Cobra Jet Showdown race classes. Weld Racing, the official wheel of the Reunion, is sponsoring the Cobra Jet Reunion Celebration Dinner Happy Hour.